Prince William robbed Prince Harry ‘of his youth’ due to ‘over protectiveness’

Prince William robbed Prince Harry ‘of his youth’ due to ‘over protectiveness’

Prince William has been accused of stealing Prince Harry’s chance at a fulfilled childhood, owning only to his over protective nature and bubbling jealousy.

The author of Battle of Brothers: William and Harry — The Inside Story of a Family in Tumult, Robert Lacey recently shed some light on Prince William and Prince Harry’s dysfunctional relationship during an interview.

The royal author was quoted telling Entertainment Tonight, “One of the objectives of the book is to go back into the past of these two boys, into their childhoods, to see the way in which their lives were shaped, cruelly really, by the breakdown of their parents’ marriage and by the royal roles and distortion that was placed upon them.”

“You know, I describe how when they were born, it was William who was the rambunctious character and it was Harry who was the good little boy who sucked his thumb.”

He also went on to add, “Then William discovers that he’s going to be king, he becomes much more serious and quiet between the age of six or seven. Harry goes the other way.”

That is not to say the heir didn’t have a soft spot for his little brother. Prince William was always flocking to Prince Harry’s aid behind the scenes but in doing so, also robbed the young spare of his youth.

Lacey went on to explain this dysfunctional dynamic by claiming, “William always felt so protective towards his younger brother. This is a very appealing side of William. He’d had the same impulse towards his mother as things got bad for her. His was the shoulder that she cried on.”

“But there’s a sense also of course that this robbed him of his youth and I think the responsibility he had for Harry also robbed him of the, you know, carefree nature of his childhood.”

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