Comparisons drawn between Meghan Markle and Princess Angela after NYT essay

Prince Harry reportedly encouraged his wife Meghan Markle to write about her  miscarriage, said a report as  discussion continued on the Duchess of Sussex’s essay for the New York Times.   

While most of the people are praising Meghan Markle for opening up about her tragic miscarriage in the essay, the haters of Duchess of Sussex are targeting her on social media for sharing her devastating experience.

While defending the former “Suit” actress her fans said that the hatred against Meghan Markle is rooted in racism.

Taking a dig at critics on social media a user sarcastically wrote, “Not only is Meghan Markle now Jamaican she apparently is also somehow responsible for Princess Diana’s death in 1997. Her haters really have to stretch to make it sound like their hatred is rooted in anything other than racism.”

Amid the debate about Meghan’s essay, a supporter cited example of Princess Angela, the first woman of African descent to marry into a reigning European dynasty.

“Before there was MM, there was Princess Angela. The first woman of African decent to marry into European Royalty. A lady of class, dignity and beauty. A real role model for young Black girls all over the globe,” wrote a Twitter user.

Born in Bocas del Toro, Princess Angela is a Panamanian fashion designer and the wife of Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein.

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