DSP Aneela Naz becomes first woman traffic police officer in Peshawar

PESHAWAR: With an increase in the female staff of the Peshawar police, women officers are now also performing  traffic duties in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa by providing awareness about traffic rules and issuing driving licenses.

The deputy superintendent of police (DSP) for Peshawar, Aneela Naz, has become the first female traffic police officer who can now be seen checking driving licenses  and briefing people about traffic rules and regulations.

The first female officer of the KP’s Vehicle License Authority, DSP Naz said that  she is the  first woman to be  promoted to this post. 

Naz, who hails from Lucky Marwat, explained that education  for girls was frowned upon in her family town and, therefore, she had faced criticism for becoming a police officer.

However, she noted that ironically, it’s the same people who are now sending their own daughters to schools.

DSP Naz’s determination to complete her education despite coming from a far-off, rural area and becoming a police officer on the basis of her  abilities has become an inspiration for  other women. 

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