Imran Khan’s latest Instagram post solidifies his ‘most handsome PM’ title

KARACHI: Prime Minister Imran Khan seems to be going through a bout of Sunday nostalgia, with the latest photo shared by him arguably solidifying his “most handsome PM” title.

The cricketer-turned-politician uploaded a throwback photo from his early days when he was the darling of many young women from not only Pakistan but around the world as well.

In the photo, PM Imran can be seen sporting a stylish grey-and-black sweater, with a brown leather jacket over his shoulder. With slightly unkempt hair, he looks at the camera with his signature sombre expression.

Behind him, in what unmistakably is the wall of some street in Pakistan, are slogans and graffiti. His other hand, however, is as usual in his pocket — a pose he often struck in his old photos.

In close to five hours, Imran Khan’s picture on Instagram garnered more than a whopping 110,000 “likes” and over 1,600 comments, showing that people love his blast-from-the-past posts.

PM Imran Khan has made it a habit to share what he calls ‘Old Time Photos’ on his Instagram account off and on whenever he takes a pause from responding to criticism from the Opposition.

Last week, he had uploaded a picture of himself from almost three decades ago after the historic 1992 World Cup where Pakistan won after beating England in the final by 22 runs.

Prior to that, PM Imran Khan had shared a rarely-seen picture of him with his parents.

“With my parents in 1976,” wrote the prime minister in the caption of photo, in which he can be seen standing to his mother’s left side and his father stands on the right.

Check out the Instagram post below:

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