Meghan Markle never received ‘royal master plan’ like Duchess Camilla

Meghan Markle never received ‘royal master plan’ like Duchess Camilla

An expert believes Meghan Markle was left to her own devices upon entry into the royal fold and was never helped by a “royal master plan,” like Duchess Camilla.

This claim was brought forward by royal commentator Daniela Elser. She told News.com, “It would seem that the courtiers of Buckingham Palace and Clarence House, the official residence of Charmilla, have been quietly beavering away on a counter-strategy.”

“The palace has proven they are perfectly adept at carefully calibrated PR manoeuvres, all undertaken to protect the image of Camilla from swelling public dislike and online hate.”

What sticks out the most is the fact that Meghan recievied no “royal master plan” while Camila did. 

“No matter who was to blame for which particular publicity catastrophe, surely it would have been in the best interests of the palace machine to try and step in and attempt some sort of calculated fight back.”

“While they did push back against a number of erroneous stories, such as a report that Meghan had pressured Harry to not take part in a pheasant shoot; that she and Kate were locked in a feud.”

Even when one magazine claimed “that they planned to raise their then-unborn child ‘with a fluid approach to gender’, there was never any evidence pointing to some royal master plan to try and protect Meghan from the bombardment of carping and criticism she constantly faced.”

“Where exactly was the overarching strategy? Where was the bigger picture plan to shield the palace’s most dazzling new recruit in a generation from the opprobrium being flung her way?”

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