Meghan Markle praised for candid miscarriage admission: report

Meghan Markle praised for candid miscarriage admission: report

A royal expert recently came forward to praise Meghan Markle for touching upon her miscarriage in way that empowers other traumatized women.

Charity boss Ruth Bender Atik was the one to praise Meghan Markle for the highly vulnerable admittance during an interview with Express UK.

She began by telling the leading daily, “She will have validated the experiences of many people I think by talking so openly. And she will also have raised awareness about the facts and the feelings of miscarriage. People really, really don’t know how common it is. Our website visits and on social media platforms, the numbers all shot up.”

“It’s got people talking and that’s really, really powerful. Judging by the comments that we have seen on our social media where we shared the story, people are hugely grateful.”

“I was looking at our Instagram feed yesterday and somebody had written: ‘Hearing about the experiences of other women is the only thing that’s helped me feel less alone in my grief since losing my baby’.”

“People are uncomfortable about it and for some people there is – and it’s fine that there is – a feeling that this should be kept private. If you choose to keep it private that’s absolutely fine. But we want to create a world in which people know that miscarriage happens, know that it can be really distressing and that hopefully if you tell people about it, they won’t go into a sort of major collapse.”

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